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I received a booty call this morning at the oddest of hours. Does he expect me to bundle up (it is very cold here right now), go meet him somewhere to just so I could take my clothes off for him?!? He must, but, I am not… Booty calls are about satifying the person doing the calling but never about satifying the person doing the giving. I admit I don’t know what he had mind but if he is like almost every other guy I know he probably wants half-and-half. (It is half oral and half another type of sex). And he would probably want me to bend over or in doggie position, which I find both positions degrading. It has been a while since someone has called me for a booty call and it can be kinda exciting because someone wants you. But, does he want you for you or just for sex?!? Most of the time it is just for the sex. So, if anyone wants to respond to a booty call, that is your choice and make sure he wears a condom. Who knows who else he has called for a booty call!!!


I saw one of my ex’s whores today. Was I nice? Yes, I was…too nice. I don’t think she remembered who l was. That’s okay because I wasn’t there to make a scene or cause trouble. There are days that I kinda miss him and then I think about all the crap that he pulled and all the women he fucked with when we were together. Stupid jackass couldn’t keep his pants zipped. Some say that if I provided for him then he wouldn’t have to the whores. I did provide for him… I degraded myself for him, to make sure his needs were met and he still betrayed me. Well, I am getting the last and loudest laugh..I have been dating one of ex~best friends. Would love to see the expression on his face when he finds out!!! ūüôā

What is sex? There are many different foms of sex.¬† Sex could involve only one person or it could involve several people. One person’s definition of sex may not¬†be the¬†same of another person’s.¬† Because everyone is¬†different, everyone will have a different opinion on the matter.¬† Having too little sex is not¬†good for you but having too much sex is also not good for you.¬†¬†In the Bible, God told Adam and Eve to go therefore and¬†fill the earth.¬† So, basically, he told them to go have sex.¬† Ones¬†can even be addicted to sex.¬† There is a show on VH1 right now called “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew”.¬† It is about sex addiction.¬† Some people think I am crazy for watching the show, but, I have learned some things¬†from the show.¬† I have found out that I am in somewhat decent shape compared to some people and everyone must have boundaries.¬† Everybody has¬†problems in their lives. Some of the problems is what people bring onto themselves.¬† Addiction is a choice that some have brought to themselves. Addicts make the choice to do too many drugs, drink too much alcohol or have too much sex.¬† No matter what your addiction is, you could get help.

I am finally admitting that I grew up in the 80’s.¬† Yes, the MTV generation.¬† Generation X or whatever name you want to call it.¬† I barely missed being in the baby boomer generation by a couple of years so that¬†makes me¬†in¬†a total different generation than my siblings.¬† I loved watching MTV in the 80’s and early 90’s.¬† Today that would be called classic MTV.¬† There was the coolest VJs (video jockeys~for ones who didn’t know what that stood for). Riki Rachtman was one of the coolest guys on television.¬† Who could forget Martha Quinn or¬†Kurt Loder?!? Videos told the story behind the song.¬† MTV influenced a whole generation.¬† I admit some of the¬†videos were cheesy.¬† I remember the first¬†video that caused a major uproar was Van Halen’s¬†“Hot for the Teacher.”¬† (If there was one before that¬†that had caused uproar, my memory is slipping¬†so I don’t remember.)¬†¬† I remember it making headlines because¬†Al¬†Gore’s wife Tipper threw a tantrum and called up all the other politicians wives to inform them what is being played on THAT channel.¬† Some censoring committee was formed, mostly consisting of political wives and whoever else that they could get on board to try to the young people on what they could¬†and could not listen to.¬† MTV exposed¬†me to a¬†lot of different music that I probably wouldn’t have listened to.¬† THANK YOU MTV!!!! I am sad to say this: that I didn’t know who Stevie¬†Ray¬†Vaughn was until he died and I heard about his¬†death on MTV News.¬† From the¬†very first moment that I listened to his music, I was hooked.¬† I did not know who Aerosmith was until I saw their¬†video¬†“Ragdoll” and I thought¬†‘I think these guys are a bunch of old perverts.’¬† Then later on I saw their¬†video “Love in a Elevator” and¬†I thought ‘I¬†KNOW¬†these guys are bunch of old perverts.’¬† Sadly, I am now the¬†age that they were when they put out those videos.¬† Where is those perverted old men when you need them?!?¬† Nowadays, you could watch classic MTV on you~tube .¬† Whenever I¬†watch those¬†videos it brings back some old memories.¬† Today’s MTV don’t come close to being what it was back then.¬† I WANT MY MTV!!!!!!!!